Listen to James Bond’s New Aston Martin DB10 Revving  Dec 22nd, 2014 
Earlier this month, Eon Productions officially announced Spectre, the 24th installment of the iconic James Bond movie series. Forget the plot, the costars, and the shooting location, the biggest news for car fans was the Aston Martin DB10 that Bond will drive in the 2015 movie. Now, thanks to a brief video posted to Instagram, […] 
Watch Jim Glickenhaus’s New SCG 003 Supercar Hit the Track  Dec 22nd, 2014 
The man behind the P4/5, Jim Glickenhaus, means business. And he has the car to prove it. This is the first official look at the long-awaited SCG 003, as it hits the track for the first time. Jim told us it’d be wearing camo. He wasn’t kidding. RELATED GALLERY: PHOTOS: Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003 We […] 
Ready R Not: 2015 Volkswagen Golf R Preorders Start January 8  Dec 22nd, 2014 
Look at what’s in store for January 8, 2015: A Spanish company is taking over the operation of the public buses in Malta; there’s an elementary-school spelling bee in Bayonne, New Jersey; and the New York Rangers will head west to skate against the L.A. Kings. Oh, it’s also the day the preorder books open for the 2015 Volkswagen Golf […] 
Ferman Mazda of Brandon Discusses the 2014 Mazda 3 S  Dec 22nd, 2014 
The 2014 Mazda 3 s proves itself as safe as it is fun with a five-star safety rating from the NHTSA. 
Check Out the 2014 Chevy Camaro at Ferman Chevy of Tampa  Dec 22nd, 2014 
The 2014 Chevy Camaro offers many standard and additional features. 
2016 Cadillac CTS-V: Sucker-Punching Germany with 640 hp, Ludicrous Top Speed  Dec 22nd, 2014 
Every car provides inspiration for how we will analyze and review it, be that screaming down Virginia International Raceway’s back straight at triple-digit speeds, assaulting our nasal passages with scents of fine leather and wood, or packing it full of kids and camping gear. The light-bulb moment for the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V came early in […] 
If You Doubted the NY Times Killing Its Auto Section Was a Bad Idea, Read This Review of the New Mustang  Dec 21st, 2014 
This weekend’s Sunday New York Times Automobiles section will be the Gray Lady’s last; the paper has decided—perhaps foolishly—for business reasons to no longer publish what had become, over 20 years, a weekend ritual for those of us in the business and many of you reading this now. The closure hits home for us for […] 
Juice Futures: Tesla Launching Battery-Swap Pilot Program  Dec 19th, 2014 
Tesla’s long-promised battery-swap technology, making charging up as quick as filling your gas tank, is finally here. The company announced today that the first swapping station will open next week for public testing—offering a three-minute swap to a fully-charged battery for a few Tesla drivers. Ahead of today’s official announcement, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to […] 
Visual Wizardry: Cadillac to Debut HD Rearview Mirror/Display Screen on CT6 Sedan  Dec 19th, 2014 
The 2017 Cadillac CT6 will sprinkle high-def screen wizardry onto us all—or, well, those who can afford a $70K-plus Caddy—in the form of a combination glass rearview mirror and TFT display. Similar to Nissan’s prototype Smart Rearview Camera mirror we tested on a Rogue earlier this year, the General Motors unit combines a traditional electrochromic mirror […] 
2015 Subaru Outback 2.5 Road Test: Still Defying Convention  Dec 19th, 2014 
There’s a high-fiber thread weaving through Subaru that runs contrary to convention. While the station-wagon body style has been experiencing widespread decline and some automakers have abandoned it entirely, plucky Subaru sells four times as many wagons and wagonlike crossovers as it does sedans. Four-wheel drive isn’t just a low-volume upcharge for snow-country denizens or […] 
Lamborghini Celebrates Pirelli With Special-Edition Aventador  Dec 19th, 2014 
Every Lamborghini since the bull house opened in 1963 has worn Pirelli tires. To celebrate this, Lamborghini is putting Pirelli on a special-edition Aventador LP700-4, and we don’t just mean what’s wrapped around the wheels. Witness the Pirelli Edition, with a unique color scheme and Pirelli graphics to remind you exactly whose rubber is tasked with […] 
Chrysler Recalls 2.9 Million U.S. Vehicles With Takata Airbags  Dec 19th, 2014 
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced today that it will vastly expand its recall of older Dodge, Chrysler, and Mitsubishi vehicles to replace driver-side airbags manufactured by disgraced auto supplier Takata. The expanded recall affects an estimated 3.3 million vehicles built between 2004 and 2007, 2.9 million of which are in the U.S. See below for the […] 
Would You Pay $350k-$475k for an Audi Sport Quattro?  Dec 19th, 2014 
In 1984, a road-legal car capable of a 4.8-second sprint to 60 mph that could also turn and stop, and was almost practical, sounded like vaporware to most people. It wasn’t: the Sport Quattro, a shortened and improved ur-Quattro, was that car. Not that many people knew about it—it was staggeringly expensive and had virtually […] 
Batman as Middle Manager: Chevy to Introduce Blacked-Out Midnight Edition Impala  Dec 19th, 2014 
If you’re the full-sized, front-driven sedan type, bigness and comfort surely loom large on your list of automotive priorities. But those who’d like a dose of sinister with their size—some ferocity with their fluff, if you will—have historically been forced over to the rear-drive side of the fence (we refuse to believe that the Taurus SHO […] 
Dodge Recalls Model Year 2005 Ram Pickups for Potential Axle Lock-Up  Dec 19th, 2014 
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced today that it will recall more than 250,000 Dodge Ram 1500 pickups in the U.S. for a problem that can cause the rear axle to lock up at speed. The issue is limited to model year 2005 trucks built between January 2004 and August 2005. The problem stems from a rear […] 
Ally Subpoenaed By DOJ  Dec 19th, 2014 
On the same day the U.S. Department of the Treasury sold the last of its remaining 54.9 million shares of Ally common stock, Ally Financial revealed that it has received a subpoena from the Department of Justice related to subprime auto lending. 
First Batch of Military-Surplus Humvees Brings a Cool $744,000  Dec 19th, 2014 
The federal government’s first Humvee auction went well. reports that IronPlanet Inc. auctioned off 25 of the trucks for the Pentagon, raking in $744,000 in the process (plus a 10-percent commission for the auction house). Although bidding started at $10,000 per truck, the lowest winning bid was $21,500 for a 1989 model; the most expensive […] 
Fiat-Abarth Confirmed for Miata-Based Roadster, Alfa to Build Its Own Spider  Dec 19th, 2014 
Surprising news in the roadster world: Alfa Romeo boss Harald Wester tells CAR Magazine that the Italian brand will build its own new Spider completely in-house, while the Miata-based roaster that’s been planned since 2012 will wear the Fiat-Abarth badge. More Italian roadsters is always good news. The plan for an Alfa-Mazda roadster partnership goes back […] 
2015 Mazda Miata to Debut in Chicago, Notes Ferman Mazda of Brandon  Dec 19th, 2014 
The new MX-5, which is set to debut in the Windy City, will include more muscular proportions. 
2015 Ford F-150 3.5L EcoBoost 4×4 Tested: The Aluminum Gamble Has Paid Off  Dec 18th, 2014 
Examples of real courage in the auto industry are rare, as the astronomical stakes involved with any new vehicle program tend to produce conservative, play-it-safe thinking. Ford, which has a long history of building cars and trucks to the penny, has consistently proved the rule with few exceptions, the most notable of which is the […] 
Carmakers Halt Russian Sales Amid Plummeting Ruble  Dec 18th, 2014 
The Russian ruble is in a collapse, having lost more than 40 percent of its value since June. In response, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, and Audi have all decided to temporarily halt sales in Russia to wait for more stable times, Automotive News reports. As of Tuesday, GM has suspended sales to its dealerships […] 
2015 Infiniti Q70L Full Test: Queuing Up with More Room  Dec 18th, 2014 
At the beginning, when the Infiniti brand was just a gleam in the eye of Nissan product planners desirous of the margins and prestige enjoyed by the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-class, BMW 7-series, and Jaguar XJ, the money-shot locus of the Japanese automaker’s best technology and boldest ideas was the V-8-powered Q45 flagship. The […] 
Abandoned Peter Max Corvette Stars in “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”  Dec 18th, 2014 
This week’s episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee features some great stars: A 1956 Corvette recently rescued from the abandoned Peter Max collection, a 1994 Land Rover Defender 90, and a 13-foot Boston Whaler boat. Oh, and a couple of guys named Fallon and Seinfeld. The automotive star of this installment is that ‘Vette, […] 
2015 Toyota Prius C Photos and Info: The Littlest Prius Gets Updated  Dec 18th, 2014 
Toyota likes to call the Prius iconic. We suppose it probably is iconic to a certain segment of the car-buying public. So what could be better than a lighter, less expensive, and smaller version? One that can then spread the Hybrid Synergy Drive gospel to first-time car buyers, who can then move up into the […] 
Ford Joins Honda, Mazda in Expanding Takata Airbag Recall to All 50 States  Dec 18th, 2014 
Ford is expanding its regional recall of faulty Takata driver’s-side airbag inflators to all 50 states. It is the third automaker, along with Honda and Mazda, to comply with a request from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that all driver’s-side airbags with specific Takata inflators be replaced regardless of regional location. Ford is adding […] 
See, Toyota? This Honda FCV Proves Hydrogen Cars Can Look Awesome  Dec 18th, 2014 
Last month, Toyota did more than its part to fuglify the future with its fuel-cell-powered Mirai production sedan. It’s now Honda’s turn to show America what it thinks the hydrogen-powered future should look like, with the company announcing that it will bring its latest FCV concept to the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month. A […] 
Glickenhaus Starts His Engine: Hear the SCG 003 Race/Road Car Fire Up for the First Time  Dec 18th, 2014 
This isn’t the first time that Jim Glickenhaus has overseen the creation of a new car—his Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina and the follow-up race car, P4/5 Competizione, continue to capture the imagination of enthusiasts—but the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus 003 project is a different thing entirely. RELATED GALLERY: PHOTOS: The Glickenhaus Garage Earlier this week, Jim shared a teaser image of the new car, […] 
Embracing Its Safe, Cozy Image, Volvo Considers Axing Motorsport Involvement Entirely  Dec 18th, 2014 
Bad news coming out of Sweden: Alain Visser, Volvo’s director of marketing, tells Swedish financial newspaper Dagens Industri that the automaker will pull out of Swedish Touring Car competition as soon as contractually possible. Visser told Dagens Industri that motorsport “does not conform with our brand, where we stand for smaller engines and safety.” Polestar […] 
2015 Lexus GS F Spy Photos: Big V-8 Performance, Big F Division Styling  Dec 18th, 2014 
What It Is: Lexus’s next high-performance F model. It’s based on the current GS mid-size luxury sedan and is captured here wearing almost no camouflage. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the GS F, which will join the RC F in the sporty corner of Lexus showrooms next year—we spotted the car nearly uncovered […] 
FBI: N.J. Dealer Now a Fugitive  Dec 18th, 2014 
A luxury-car dealer who lost his dealership license in September has fled the country, thwarting efforts by his customers to recoup thousands of dollars. 
Who’s On Third?  Dec 18th, 2014 
His Madness reveals his approach to handling a customer and his or her trusted advisor. He also reveals the response he uses when the advisor objects to his vehicle service contract. 
Haters Will Hate  Dec 18th, 2014 
Da Man doesn’t believe customer satisfaction drives repeat business, but he does believe it drives a dealership’s ability to capture today’s Internet shopper. 
A1 Software Announces Mobile-Focused Sales Platform  Dec 18th, 2014 
A1 Software Group has announced its new dealership sales solution, Selly, a mobile focused, lightweight platform for automotive sales. Selly is designed for small- to medium-sized dealerships and was initially distributed as a mobile app. 
Debt Levels Will Continue to Rise, TransUnion Reports  Dec 18th, 2014 
TransUnion’s annual auto loan forecast calls for auto loan debt to rise to $18,244 by the end of 2015. This would mark 19 consecutive quarters of increases since the first quarter of 2011. 
Don’t Underestimate the CFPB  Dec 18th, 2014 
The editor reports on a new study that slams the CFPB’s examination of dealer participation, but he wonders if it will do much to slow the bureau down. 
J.D. Power Projects Highest December SAAR in Eight Years  Dec 18th, 2014 
New-vehicle retail sales in December are expected to reach a SAAR of 14.2 million units, the highest level since 2006. 
Legal Expert Rings in the Holidays With ‘12 Days of Dealership Compliance’  Dec 18th, 2014 
AutoStar Solutions’ Steve Levine shares a dozen simple ways dealers can guard their businesses from the government Grinch. 
Spiffit Announces Certified Integration With Dealertrack  Dec 18th, 2014 
Dealertrack users can now easily implement and manage Spiff programs using Spiffit’s application through the software provider's DMS. 
Dealertrack to Acquire DMS Provider incadea plc  Dec 18th, 2014 
Dealertrack is expected to pay $190.3 million for incadea plc, a DMS provider that has more than 75,000 worldwide end users in nearly 3,500 dealerships. 
From the C/D Archives: Our Original Test of the Bad-Ass Lamborghini LM002 SUV!  Dec 18th, 2014 
Grab your Guccis, status slaves: the price of fame is rising fast. Just when you thought your new double-throwdown four-wheel-driver had more than enough beans to chug you up the social ladder, we bring you devastating news. Dump your Range Rover, scrap your Isuzu Trooper, and pawn off your cute little Suzuki Samurai on your […] 
Lamborghini Miura Driven: Bold, Individualistic, and Unconventional [C/D Archives]  Dec 18th, 2014 
We don’t know what’s going to happen when Dr. William Haddon and his auto “safety” experts come face to face with the Lamborghini Miura. For starters, “Miura” is a breed of Spanish fighting bull, and the wild Miura, with its 430-horsepower, V-12 engine mounted transversely in the rear, is so bold, individualistic and unconventional that […] 
Dealer Charged with 30 Felonies  Dec 18th, 2014 
A North Carolina dealer pocketed the money he obtained from five finance sources and seven customers related to the sale of seven cars. 
Ferman Nissan Discusses the 2015 Nissan Altima  Dec 18th, 2014 
The Nissan dealer in Tampa, Fla., Ferman Nissan, highlights the 2015 Altima. A redesign of the brand's classic sedan has captured many customers' attention. 
Outdoor & Recreation Products at  Dec 18th, 2014 
In December 2014, CARiD introduced a whole new 'Outdoor & Recreation' category chock full of quality products that comprise everything from camping gear to boating and marine equipment. 
2015 VW Touareg First Drive: Getting Spiffy to Stay Current  Dec 17th, 2014 
For a vehicle named after a tribe of Saharan nomads, the Volkswagen Touareg (pronounced “twar-egg”) hasn’t wandered far from the middle of the road. That’s been good business for VW, which says it has sold more than 720,000 copies of this mid-size SUV worldwide over 11 model years now, nearly 130,000 of them in the […] 
2016 Nissan Titan Is Ready to Show You Its Engine [Video]  Dec 17th, 2014 
The 2016 Nissan Titan is headed to the Detroit auto show for an official unveil, and Nissan has dropped the first teaser for the truck. The quick clip is a flag-waving salute to just how American this Japanese truck is, but we’re more interested in the first peek at the pickup’s nether regions. RELATED GALLERY: […] 
Senate Approves Sleep Expert Mark Rosekind as New NHTSA Chief  Dec 17th, 2014 
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, criticized by Congress for being “asleep at the switch” during an unprecedented wave of auto recalls, has named a sleep-deprivation expert to be its new chief. Mark Rosekind—a fatigue scientist on the board of the National Transportation Safety Board, the agency responsible for investigating air and rail crashes—was confirmed Tuesday […] 
Credit Acceptance Subpoenaed by DOJ  Dec 17th, 2014 
Credit Acceptance has received a civil investigative subpoena from the U.S. Department of Justice, which requested that the finance company produce certain documents related to subprime auto lending. 
Texas Plumber’s Truck Traded In, Ends Up in Syria with Terrorists  Dec 17th, 2014 
Mark-1 Plumbing in Texas City is getting a lot of frantic calls lately. It’s got nothing to do with plugged drains or leaks—and everything to do with Syrian terrorists, social media, and a cast-off Ford F-250 bearing the small business’s name. As Houston news station KHOU reports, Mark-1’s Jeff Oberholtzer traded in an old F-250 […] 
Laser-Guided BMW i3 Will Park Itself—Literally—at 2015 CES  Dec 17th, 2014 
Self-parking cars are starting to seem less pie-in-the-sky and more of an imminent reality with each passing year, and the latest technology usually shows up in some form at the annual technology fest known as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the 2013 CES show, Audi showed off its self-parking A7, and this […] 
Big-Brute Comparo: 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe vs. 2015 Ford Expedition  Dec 17th, 2014 
Amid the industry’s booming sales of compact wagonoids on stilts, domestic full-size SUVs stand out like the mountains of metal they are: truck-based behemoths capable of towing more than four tons while seating up to eight people. Despite their excesses, these giants remain indispensable for their vast range of capabilities. While both of the segment’s […] 
Four Reasons Why Tesla Won’t Sink (Even If the Signs Say It Should)  Dec 17th, 2014 
Tesla’s stock price has fallen below $200 per share for the first time in seven months. Shock! Gasp! But the electric-car wunderkind is not collapsing, and while we do not pretend to be Car and Shareholder, we are deeply involved in the automotive industry and think it’s worth explaining what this development for the ultra-hyped company actually means. […] 
Here’s Your First Look at the Production Acura NSX [w/ Video]  Dec 17th, 2014 
We’ve seen several concept versions, we’ve seen it in camo, we’ve seen it during testing, and we’ve even seen it burned to a crisp. Now we’re finally seeing (some of) it in the flesh: Here’s your first peek at the production-ready 2016 Acura NSX that will debut at the Detroit auto show next month. Hello, gorgeous! Acura has been […] 
2014 Ram 1500 Ranked No. 1 in Full-Size Pickup Trucks by U.S. News & World Report, Notes Ferman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Tampa  Dec 17th, 2014 
The 2014 edition of the Ram 1500 ranked as the best full-size truck for the money. 
Ferman Chevrolet of Tampa Discusses the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu  Dec 17th, 2014 
The Chevrolet dealership in Tampa, Ferman Chevy, talks about the new 2014 Malibu. This mid-size car gained a few nifty features this year, including hands-free texting. 
Own the Rambo Lambo: Immaculate 1989 Lamborghini LM002 Headed to Auction  Dec 16th, 2014 
Seven years ago in Iraq, when American soldiers wired explosives to a cruddy old pickup, they unwittingly chose to bomb the rarest and most Italian 4×4 to ever pound sand. It was a Lamborghini LM002, and while the world wasn’t weeping over the loss of one of Uday Hussein’s personal vehicles—or Uday himself, one of Saddam […] 
Go Go Gadget Tires: These Concept Tires Transform to Tackle Any Terrain  Dec 16th, 2014 
Hankook Tire just showed off the results of its Design Innovation Project, a biannual daydream challenge to come up with the wildest, most futuristic tire concepts imaginable. This year’s winners are amazingly sci-fi: Morphing, transforming tires that change with the terrain to drive on pavement, dirt, snow, and even water. First up is the Boostrac, […] 
Hennessey VelociRaptor 600 Is the 2015 Raptor Ford Doesn’t Build Yet  Dec 16th, 2014 
Ford’s all-new, all-aluminum 2015 F-15o hasn’t sprouted a Raptor variant just yet, but fear not: Hennessey Performance is here to fill the void with a supercharged, off-road ready super-truck packing a promised 600-plus horsepower. Feast your eyes on the VelociRaptor. The Texas tuner’s rough-road-ready muscle truck gets a sizable steroid injection in the form of a Roots-type […] 
Corvette to Influence Future Chevrolet Design  Dec 16th, 2014 
It doesn’t get talked about much in a sea of “OMG-cheap-supercar-America-vs.-the-World” fawning, cooing, and general superlative-hurling, but one of the very best things about the Corvette Stingray is the view over the hood. The fender peaks help you place the car on the road, diminishing its perceived width. The lower center affords a fine view […] 
Crime Never Pays: Stolen Red Bull F1 Trophies Found in Lake  Dec 16th, 2014 
Last week, Red Bull F1’s facility in Milton Keynes, England, fell victim to a brazen smash-and-grab, when six baddies crashed a 4×4 through the factory’s entrance and hauled off 60 of the team’s racing trophies. Today, local police have some good news: About 20 of the stolen trophies were found dumped in a lake near […] 
Ariel Atom 3.5R Driven: It Packs 350 hp—and It’s Fantastic  Dec 16th, 2014 
Given the free choice of locations, where would you drive a 350-hp Ariel Atom? A flowing Alpine pass in the summer sunshine? Or a nice, quiet racetrack surrounded by deep run-off areas? Maybe you’d just nominate a nice wide runway to safely explore the performance of a car with a power-to-weight ratio not far removed […] 
DealerRater to Bring Reviews to  Dec 16th, 2014 
Beginning this month, DealerRater reviews and ratings will be featured on's dealer profile pages. 
‘Great Deleveraging’ Has Ended, Equifax Reports  Dec 16th, 2014 
Consumers are back in the borrowing business, with November consumer credit data from Equifax showing that nonmortgage credit balances rose to their highest level in five years. 
Chrysler Group LLC Becomes FCA US LLC  Dec 16th, 2014 
The U.S.-based automaker’s new name follows the naming convention of its global parent company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., which assumed its new name in October when it listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 
Credit Acceptance Subpoenaed by DOJ  Dec 16th, 2014 
Credit Acceptance has received a civil investigative subpoena from the U.S. Department of Justice, which requested that the finance company produce certain documents related to subprime auto lending. 
Volvo to Focus on Selling Cars Online  Dec 16th, 2014 
The Swedish automaker plans to sell vehicles online across the globe as part of a new marketing strategy. The digital push will complement Volvo’s existing dealer network, officials said. 
Chrysler Group’s New Name Is Just FCA US LLC  Dec 16th, 2014 
Remember Chrysler Group LLC, the U.S. arm of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles? That corporate entity has a new name today—or rather, a new fistful of letters. Effective immediately, Chrysler Group’s new name is FCA US LLC. It’s the first time since Walter P. Chrysler founded the company in 1925 that it won’t bear his surname, but […] 
Why YouTube Is the Best Place to Learn How to Fix Cars  Dec 16th, 2014 
If the War on Drugs gave us nothing else, it at least provided some enduringly quotable anti-drug ads. An entire generation fondly recalls the TV spot where a dad confronts his son over some wacky tobacky, asking, “Who taught you how to do this stuff?” The kid replies: “You, all right? I learned it by […] 
Peter Max Faces $1,000,000 Lawsuit Over VH1 Corvette Collection  Dec 16th, 2014 
The New York Post reports Peter Max is in legal trouble over his famous Corvette collection. Jeff Wallner and Kenneth Simmons allege Max hired them to help sell off the 36 Chevrolet Corvettes in his collection for a 10-percent commission. Wallner and Simmons say they never saw the money, and now they’re suing Max for $1 […] 
Army Auctioning Decommissioned Humvees to Public, Prices Start at $10K  Dec 16th, 2014 
So you’re that guy. The guy who has everything. And by everything, we mean a thousand-acre ranch and your own island. Even so, we bet you don’t have one of these: a genuine, Department of Defense–issue Humvee. We’re not talking about one of those pansy-ass, chrome-wheeled, civilian-grade AM General H1 Alphas sold to emasculated posers in the […] 
2015 Honda CR-V Touring AWD Tested: Flashy Eyes and a New Heart  Dec 16th, 2014 
It’s as if you went in for an eyelid lift and a chin tuck and emerged with a heart transplant. The refreshed Honda CR-V might wear the same basic sheetmetal as it has since 2012, but the ute’s mechanical and interior changes are significant. READ MORE ›› 
Buick Encore Ranks Highest in Segment in Initial Quality, Notes Ferman Buick GMC  Dec 16th, 2014 
The 2014 Buick Encore ranked highest in customer satisfaction. 
2015 Ford Mustang GT Automatic Tested: “GT” Fits This Car Perfectly  Dec 15th, 2014 
While we have nothing but praise and admiration for Ford’s decision to spread stick shifts around the new Mustang lineup, the fact is that many of you will buy automatics just as your forebears did in the 1960s. Back then, slushboxes were the gooey, horsepower-gobbling Neanderthal ancestors to today’s computer-linked, electrohydraulic torque-thrusters. The basics of […] 
2016 Kia Sorento First Drive: The Germanic Aspirations Are Palpable  Dec 15th, 2014 
Kia invited us up to Lake Tahoe to sample its new Sorento in what they feel is the CUV’s ideal playground. The Korean automaker envisions the Silicon Valley brigade hopping in their Kias for a trip across the flatlands and up the hill. You know, because ruining San Francisco wasn’t enough for them. And climbing […] 
Aston Martin Crystal Ball Shows SUVs, Hybrids by 2020  Dec 15th, 2014 
When Aston Martin receives its first batch of AMG V-8s, those meaty German engines won’t just be dropped into the next DB9 and Vantage sports cars scheduled for Aston’s new architecture. They’ll also get stuffed into new Aston SUVs, sedans, and even hybrids. According to Reuters, the little British supercar company that could is expanding its […] 
Challenger Hellcats Seemingly Delayed by Lack of Satin-Black Hoods  Dec 15th, 2014 
Did you put in an early-bird order for a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat? Has your delivery date been mysteriously pushed back over and over with nary an explanation? The problem could be a lack of optional satin-black hoods, according to a forum thread on Forum members on have been anxiously tracking every […] 
Burt Reynolds’s Personal Bandit Trans Am Sells for Megabucks at Auction  Dec 15th, 2014 
Last week, it came to our attention that a car near and dear to our collective hearts, a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am, was up for auction. Not just any Trans Am, but a mint-condition Bandit-ized Trans Am that had been used to promote Smokey and the Bandit around the time of its release, then subsequently owned by the Bandit […] 
Volvo Skipping Most 2015 Auto Shows to Focus on Internet  Dec 15th, 2014 
In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Volvo sales and marketing chief Alain Visser dropped some bad news for Swede fans hoping to see the newest Volvos at auto shows around the world: The carmaker will appear at only three shows in 2015, opting instead to focus its time and money on overhauling its […] 
The Government Killed an Original Mini Cooper in the Name of Safety [w/ Video]  Dec 15th, 2014 
On Thursday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials in New Jersey presided over the public destruction of a 2000 Mini Cooper illegally imported into the country. The vehicle, too new to be brought in under our nation’s 25-or-older import laws, was found to be wearing a falsified 1988 VIN. It was seized from its owner and […] 
Buy These: Malaise-Era American Iron Immortalized in Awesome 1:43 Scale  Dec 15th, 2014 
Let’s face it: The thrill of adding another bazillion-dollar supercar to your scale-model collection faded in middle school. What your shelves need is some scale malaise, the American boats you saw on every street and driveway when you were a kid. The average toy company may not get that desire, but we do—and so does […] 
Because Safety: Jaguar’s New Tech Makes A-pillars Transparent [w/ Video]  Dec 15th, 2014 
A few months ago, Jaguar showed off a virtual-windscreen concept that brought information overlays normally seen in racing games applied via HUD to a physical windshield—think braking lines, race competitor names and times, and a lap timer projected onto the glass. This is where Jaguar-Land Rover’s head is at, and so a “virtually transparent” A-pillar shouldn’t come as […] 
Name That Shifter, No. 209  Dec 15th, 2014 
It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to present this week’s shifter. You’ll have until midday Wednesday to identify the make and model of the vehicle whence this shifter came. The first person to respond correctly in the Backfires section below will win a Save the Manuals button, magnet, and sticker.* Good luck! (* Offer […] 
The Feds Want to Replace Your Driver’s License with a National ID Card  Dec 15th, 2014 
From the January 2015 issue of Car and Driver If you live in Arizona, Louisiana, New York, or one of more than a dozen other states, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has bad news for you. Come January 19, your driver’s license will no longer allow you access to certain federal facilities. Unless DHS […] 
With the Launch of the 2015 Acura TLX Performance Luxury Sedan Came the Biggest Marketing Campaign in Brand History, Notes Ferman Acura  Dec 15th, 2014 
Acura launched the brand's biggest marketing campaign for the exciting 2015 Acura TLX. 
The 2014 Mazda3 Was Named on AutoTrader's 'Must Test Drive Cars' List, Notes Ferman Mazda of Brandon  Dec 15th, 2014 
The 2014 Mazda3 adds to its list of recognitions and awards by being included on the "Must Test Drive Cars" list from AutoTrader. 
2016 Audi Q7 Revealed With Next-Generation Styling, Next-Level Weight Savings  Dec 12th, 2014 
As of late, every automaker is boasting colossal weight savings realized from redesigning traditionally heavy vehicles using more lightweight materials. Land Rover claimed to have shaved as many as 926 pounds from the latest Range Rover—our scales showed perhaps half that savings—and Ford has trumpeted the 2015 F-150’s aluminum body as saving 700 pounds versus […] 
Spied! 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Completely Undisguised  Dec 12th, 2014 
The Porsche 911 GT3 is one of the sharpest, nastiest versions of Zuffenhausen’s apex-obliterating sports-car icon. The GT3 RS takes that knob and dials the insanity to 11. Our spies caught the 2016 model completely undisguised during cold-weather testing in the Arctic Circle. It looks positively brutal. The GT3 RS always has notable differences from the “regular” model, and this […] 
2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe 2.0T Manual Tested: This Car Really Should Wear Laurels  Dec 12th, 2014 
If an automaker’s success really were just about the cars, as the industry shibboleth has it, Cadillac would be riding high. Take the object of this test, the new-for-2015 ATS coupe. It proved itself a worthy entry-luxury sports coupe by just about every measure imaginable, and it’s one of the most modest Cadillacs you can […] 
BMW 2-series Gets Mini Cooper Engine and AWD Diesel—Just Not In U.S.  Dec 12th, 2014 
BMW just announced some interesting updates to the fun-size, rear-wheel-drive 2-series. Beginning in March of 2015, the entry-level 218i will be powered by the 1.5-liter turbo three-cylinder that motivates the base model Mini Cooper, while elsewhere on the option sheet buyers will be able to spec a diesel-powered 220d with all-wheel drive. There’s a catch, though: BMW […] 
A Mighty Wind: Bugatti Rumored To Be Considering Limited Run of Veyron Speedsters  Dec 12th, 2014 
In his recent reporting on the Bugatti Chiron, which could pack 1500 horsepower, hit 288 mph, and have swing-up doors, Automobile Magazine’s Georg Kacher stated that the Veyron successor has been delayed until 2016, and with the Veyron’s 450-car run just about finished, a very limited run of speedsters based on the model could be […] 
FTC Takes Action Against Two Dealer Groups for Deceptive Advertising  Dec 12th, 2014 
The FTC took action against two dealer groups it targeted in 2012 for deceptive advertising. They were charged with violating the FTC orders prohibiting them from deceptively advertising the cost of financing or leasing a car. 
Infiniti Q60 Concept Is the Two-Door Q50 We’ve Been Expecting  Dec 12th, 2014 
Looking at Infiniti’s lineup, there exist a few standout models which, it should be noted, do not stand out for the right reasons. Like Bob Barker attempting to twerk at a Nicki Minaj concert, the Q40 sedan, QX50 compact crossover, and the Q60 coupe are geriatrics surrounded by a much younger crowd. In early January at the […] 
This Liberty Mutual Commercial Teaches the Wrong Policy [Video]  Dec 12th, 2014 
What We See: This commercial isn’t for a car, but it’s about something you see in a lot of car ads these days: parallel parking without much driver input. We open on an unremarkable young woman talking to us from someplace in lower Manhattan. Over her shoulder we can see the Statue of Liberty, which—and […] 
Bugatti Chiron Could Pack 1500 Horsepower and Hit 288 mph!  Dec 12th, 2014 
Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: We still don’t know much about the Chiron, Bugatti’s top-secret replacement for the Veyron (pictured here), except that it will be a sports car, it will have a name, and will have a butt-ton of horsepower. But we do hear rumors, and these, as reported by […] 
2015 Maserati Quattroporte GTS Tested: Maserati or Meh-serati?  Dec 12th, 2014 
Here at C/D, each editor drives 200 to 250 cars every year. We see a bunch of BMWs, a plethora of Porsches, and a ton of Toyotas. You get the idea. When it comes to Maseratis, it’s a different story—and one that usually involves us traveling thousands of miles to far-flung locations to get behind […] 
Tour the Madness of Ferrari’s Finali Mondiali in Abu Dhabi [Mega-Gallery]  Dec 12th, 2014 
We went to witness the FXX K debut. We saw much, much more. 
2016 Mustang GT350 Performance Estimates: How Quick Is a Flat Snake?  Dec 12th, 2014 
Specific details on the new Mustang GT350 are few and far between. We know it’s Mustang-based (duh), has a six-speed manual, and has a flat-crank 5.2-liter V-8. Real engine specifications are still kept behind closed doors in Dearborn. This marketing-driven trickle of information isn’t by mistake, nor is it going to stop us from making a […] 
Ferman Chevy of Tampa Discusses the 2014 Chevy Equinox  Dec 12th, 2014 
In light of its many new safety changes, it is no surprise that the 2014 Chevy Equinox was awarded the 2014 Top Safety Pick. 
2017 BMW 5-series Sedan Spied: Lighter and Hopefully More Soulful  Dec 11th, 2014 
What It Is: A next-generation BMW 5-series prototype wearing production bodywork. Or is it a 3-series? Or maybe it is a 7er . . . As is clear from the car pictured here, BMW isn’t exactly breaking new ground with the styling of the 2017 5-series. Viewed in profile, the sedan could be any BMW, […] 
Swedish Meatball: We Drive Volvo’s Crazy Triple-Boosted 450-hp Four-Cylinder S60  Dec 11th, 2014 
Modern automakers’ obsession with lowering official fuel-economy figures to meet arbitrary targets is leading to some very strange outcomes. And none stranger than this: Volvo has made a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that uses two turbochargers and one supercharger to deliver a deeply unlikely 450 horsepower. At the moment the new powerplant is just a prototype, […] 
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